Istanbul Airport is on the Cover of Two Respectable Magazines of the IT World, with the Explanations of İGA Systems General Manager Ersin İNANKUL.

Istanbul Airport, which is the smartest airport in the world, has implemented much software from the mobile application to the airport security system, airline messaging platform and collaborative decision-making system to maximizing the passenger experience.

On the other hand, IGA Systems developed the latest technological systems such as domestic robot, autonomous passenger transport, lost and found software required for airport operations, apron card application portal, İGA mobile app, airside safety system, customer experience system etc. within its own structure. All these advanced systems and proud project details have been published on 2018 November CIO Turkey and BT Haber Special Edition with the explanations of İGA Systems General Manager Ersin İNANKUL.

CIO Turkey:

BT Haber Special Edition: