Istanbul Airport: World's smartest airport ready to make you fly

Istanbul Airport, which will be the world's biggest international airport once it is completed, not only stands out with its huge passenger capacity but also its ground-breaking technologies for security and making life easier for passengers

Istanbul Airport, with its 200-million passenger capacity, will not only be the world's largest airport, but it is also the biggest information technology project in the Turkish Republic's history.
It brings together the world's biggest technology companies and has showcased the potential of Turkish engineers in the IT sector.

It is also the world's first airport deemed worthy of a Tier 3 data center technology certificate and has the world's most contemporary models in the field of "airport information technology."

Airport officials from different parts of the world are visiting Turkey to explore this brand new model. Leading the team that marked this success is IGA Systems General Manager Ersin İnankul. He discussed how they designed this IT project with a TL 208-million budget in 2015 and how they prepared for the inauguration of the airport on Oct. 29, 2018.

Technology-based airport

İnankul said that they drew the road map for the project in April 2015, with a focus on integrating information technologies into all airport operations one step at a time. "This is known as the Master System Integration in the field of airport information technology. Thanks to this design, we could build a smart airport step by step," he said.

İnankul added that "You first make a list of the essentials for a smart airport. For example, building management systems and fire alarm systems are indispensable. There is also a second list including baggage claim, baggage drop, automatic baggage drop, kiosks, Wi-Fi infrastructure, services provided to passengers, inflight Wi-Fi and the design of flight screens. The third important point is where this airport must stand in terms of technology. Some 72 systems were required to make this airport the smartest on the planet. At the point we have reached so far, everything is integrated. We set up a system including smart terminal buildings, in which the relevant flight data are conveyed to us while the plane is arriving. This data keeps running until the moment the plane lands. After all the data is collected, we can automatically give an invoice before the plane turns back within two hours."

He added that many airlines have so far entered the airport, which is gradually transitioning into the full-capacity mode. He said that digital systems such as automation and baggage scan are currently being tested. He pointed out that the new airport has started hosting international flights, and said: "Everything is ready on our side. We're now expecting the airline companies to flock to the airport."