Back-Office Services

It refers to management of the most critical process through which any and all complaints and requests, received from clients, are investigated and clients' turnaround processes are managed and all requirements are satisfied.

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  • Level -3

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultancy

It refers to the process-related and technological consultancy service provided to adapt the systematic integrated solutions for enhancement of efficiency and minimization of costs in business processes in line with the needs of the enterprises.

Cyber Security Operations (CSOC) Consultancy

The service of designing the structure, to ensure that the security teams perform monitoring activities regularly, detect the attacks and violations by means of the inquiries through the security incidents in the network and systems, and take any and all urgent steps, as necessary, if and when the violations occur, considering the national and international standards, as well as the technology, human resources and the processes to be employed.

ICT Network Design Consultancy

The existing network structure of clients is analyzed, and both current and future network requirements are determined, then the most appropriate network strategy and design solutions are designed.
IT Aviation Systems Consultancy

Consultancy services are provided on an extensive service portfolio ranging from analysis and design to supporting and maintenance of systems in the Aviation Information Systems in order to ensure that turn-key solutions are offered and uninterrupted operations are provided in Greenfield and Brownfield airport projects.

MSI Consultancy (System Integration)

It refers to the expert services provided to develop the most appropriate solution for the business plan and problems of clients, to determine the needs for integration, and to provide recommendations for improvement.

Datacenter Design Consultancy

It refers to provision of consultancy services in designing, planning, determination, commissioning, supporting and management of the construction, electricity, mechanics and information needs of the data center upon analysis of the clients' needs, considering the technology, sustainability and security requirements, as well as the international standards.

IT Project Management Consultancy

It refers to the consultancy services provided by means of the project management methodologies in order to ensure the advantages yielded by the structure to clients, as well as the growth rate, performance of error-free and unrepeated works, measurable information flow and controlled project management, and above all, to ensure that the business flow is based on the system, rather than any person.

IT Value Engineering Consultancy

It refers to the consultancy service provided to enhance the level of quality starting from the core of the business processes, to prevent unnecessary utilization of any and all kinds of resources, to help creation of continuous improvement culture, and to bring cost-effectiveness in line with the needs of clients.

IT Quality Control and Risk Management Consultancy

It refers to the service of providing internal control and corporate risk management solutions based on the best practices in collaboration with the boards of directors and top management of clients.

IT Testing and Commissioning Consultancy

It refers to the consultancy services provided to enable performance of the field tests for the IT hardware and software products of clients, and to make them operational.

IT ORAT Consultancy

ORAT consultancy service is focused on the phases of the building, completion of construction processes and commissioning as part of an airport project, and the know-how and professional expertise are offered to enable the project to be commissioned in time.

Airport Collaborative Decision Making System (A-CDM) Consultancy

It refers to the consultancy services provided with the know-how and competencies in order to ensure that the A-CDM principles and specific procedures are employed, to foresee what kind of a reaction will be shown to any potential problem to arise during the commissioning process, and to ensure that information flow is achieved on "how to do".