​​​​Cabinet Renting

It refers to provision of the cabinets as requested in line with the needs and capacity requirements of clients, as well as provision of energy, communications and security services, as necessary, for such cabinets.

Virtual Server Hosting

It refers to provision of server sources, as needed by clients, by means of the virtualization technologies by the data center, holding the TIER 3 certificate, without any need to make an additional investment.

Backup Service

It refers to the service enabling clients to store their important data securely, and to obtain all necessary maintenance and support services, without any need to make an additional investment. Any and all data of the applications running on the servers are backed-up automatically on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

System Operation Support

It refers to the services for resource management, error detection and elimination, version update, performance monitoring, management and reporting, consultancy, training and project as part of monitoring, operating and management of the clients' systems.

Archive Storage

It refers to the services for backup of clients' data as part of high level of accessibility, flexible data distribution, system access diversity and hybrid structure support.

Corporate File Sharing

It refers to the solution services with respect to easy-to-use and extensive secure file access, synchronization and sharing for corporations.

Virtual Data Center

It refers to a management service enabling for management of clients' data center infrastructure needs by offering a virtual capacity, and thereby, complete optimization of clients' IT infrastructure.