IP Telephone Installation

Subscription to System

The service of subscription to telephone system in line with the client requirements.


Fixed Service enables "voice" communication via the telecommunications infrastructure.

Answering (with a capacity of 5 channels)

Calls from clients are answered and directed in an interactive manner.

Answering Machine

If the client is not available, calls from clients are answered at the end of the pre-determined time, and voice recording feature is offered.

Details Billing

The service of providing the reports on such criteria as the time and duration of the outgoing calls from clients.


The service of simultaneous audio and video communications, independent from the location, by clients between them or with the other companies.

Call Center

It refers to a multi-purpose, measurable, economical and integrated solution which brings the business flows in parallel with the business flows of the companies, minimizes the operational works, and which is offered in a manner to increase the speed and error limits.

Virtual Exchange

It refers to the services, in its entirety, which are provided along with the modules such as simultaneous limitless calls, call forwarding, management of working hours, call details report, corporate answering by means of IVR, conversation records and queue management, etc.

Instant Messaging

Provision of the service of audio and video calls at a high quality through the applications running on computers and smart devices.

Telephone Devices

The service of providing different types of hardware and software telephone devices appropriate for the needs of clients.