Terminal Passenger Systems

Check-in System

The service of allocating CUTE system ("Commonly-Used Terminal Equipment") computers, printers and readers made available to the air carriers and ground handling agents.

  • CUTE Workstation – (Back Office, Check-in and Boarding Desk)
  • ATB (Automated Ticket and Boarding Pass Printer)
  • BTP (Baggage Tag Printer)
  • MSR/OCR (Magnetic Stripe Reader and Optical Character Reader)
  • DCP (Digital Copier Printer)

Baggage System

The service enabling the air carriers and ground handling agents to ensure that the passengers' baggage are transferred to the right areas by means of the "Baggage Sorting System", and that they are loaded on board the right aircraft by means of the "Baggage Reconciliation System".

  • BRS HHT (Baggage Reconciliation System Hand-Held Terminal)
  • Hand-Held Terminal Charging Unit
  • Laser Printer

Self-Service Check-in Kiosks (CUSS Kiosk)

The service of allocating the "Commonly-Used Self-Service" CUSS kiosks which have been made available to air carriers and ground handling agents.

  • Domestic Lines
  • International Lines