Cyber Security Solutions For Managed Security Service Providers

​​​​​Today entities and critical facilities face more complex, motivated and coordinated cyber-attacks and threats. Attackers aim at the entities, critical facilities and the systems running at such locations by means of the specially-developed attack vectors, malware and multilayer attacks (e-mail, web, physical), and they can get over the conventional security protection techniques and remain unnoticed on the victim systems for a long period of time. In consequence of these attacks, systems can be deactivated immediately or at any time determined by the attackers. Therefore; it's essential to develop new methods for ensuring security against any cyber-attack aiming at the entities and facilities. Such methods should include implementation of the general solutions to the entities and facilities, but development and implementation of solutions dedicated to the business processes and infrastructures of the entities and facilities.

With this aim in mind, IST Systems creates cyber-defense layers against any potential interior and exterior attacks to the entities and facilities. All security solutions, available in these tiers, are monitored on real-time, effective and 7/24 basis. Also the systems, to develop the capabilities for minimization of all potential risks, and to record and analyze any threat and security incident, are employed and managed as a part of the security strategy.

IST Systems established the Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) in order to monitor the security incidents, which might occur in all security layers created for clients, on 7/24 basis, and to detect any and all incidents, to assess and take measures for any potential incident, to detect the cause of the incident and the affected systems, if any, in case of occurrence or detection of any incident, to analyze the incidents, and to minimize the negative outcomes thereof, as well as to carry out and manage the operations, and it provides MSSP service via this center.

Correlation and analysis of the incident and inspection records received from hundreds of devices to which service is provided as part of the MSSP service ensure that any and all information from both internal and external sources of information are assessed and any and all measures are taken, as necessary, so that the information systems run smoothly and reliably.