Design And Construction Of Data Center

​​​​​IST Systems provides end-to-end data center solutions ranging from construction to White space systems with its professional team and subcontractors.

Accordingly; Istanbul New Airport Data Center, which was developed in line with the vision of Industrial Data Center, and where all design activities, construction, electricity, mechanics, White space systems and operational management centers were commissioned, and which is used to monitor the respective control and coordination processes by IST Systems, obtained the Tier 3 design certificate on September 05, 2017 and the Tier 3 Facility certificate on 01.08.2018 from Uptime Institute, and was commissioned to provide service for its corporate clients.

The below-given parameters are taken into account during the design period, the most important phase of the Data Center projects.

  • Energy Efficiency,
  • Effective and rapid growing with a Back-up and Modular structure,
  • Utilization of domestic producers,
  • Technology

Planning of UPS, Chiller and Cooling Units with a high level of energy efficiency, Gas Extinguishing Systems, SCADA and BMS systems to support uninterrupted running of the SDN-based Network, as well as both Public and Private Cloud-based IT Systems and Cyber Security Infrastructures is of high importance during design of the Data Center.